This is AXA (for real)
We’re sure you heard about AXA. There are two ways to tell you who we are. One way speaks to the mind, the other to the heart. Here, you’ll learn about both.

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AXA in facts

AXA Belgium is the number one  insurance company in Belgium

  • 3,000 colleagues 
  • More than 3 million customers. Individuals and companies.


We are part of the AXA Group, a worldwide leader in financial services.

  • 166,000 employees
  • Distributors in 64 countries
  • Serving 103 million customers
  • by 2023, 50% of our senior executives will be women

Impressive, right?

AXA in values

Care about people

People who work at AXA have one thing in common. Our purpose. We act for human progress by protecting what matters. Our customers and the people we work with. And we mean what we say. That’s why we were recognized independently as a Great Place to Work.

Open doors

When you enter our headquarters, the second thing you notice is how great these offices look. The hospitality area, the corners, the stairs, … You’ll love coming to the office, but that doesn’t mean you have to. We give you the freedom to decide where you want to work from.

Open minds

Caring also means helping people stand on their own legs. Take the wheels of their career. We love to offer support and training and coaching. The decision making, the navigating and steering, that’s up to you. 

Open arms

Yes, you read it well,  the second thing. Because the first thing you will notice is how diverse we are. In age, origin, personality … We often say, at AXA you are welcomed by like-minded people. And liked by different minds.

Life at AXA

Seen our offices? They’re awesome. So are the many ways in how we connect and work together. And how we roll up our sleeves to help people who need it most.

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About AXA Belgium

AXA Belgium is part of AXA Group, the world leader in insurance and asset management. We protect and advise our clients at every step in their lives, by offering products and services which satisfy their needs in the areas of insurance, personal protection, saving and asset management. AXA is the leading insurance brand worldwide, with over 100 million clients. We are transforming from payer to partner for our clients, with a strong focus on risk prevention.

Our Purpose? To act for human progress by protecting what matters.

Our values? Customer First, Courage, Integrity and One AXA.

AXA is market leader in the insurance sector in Belgium, with a strong presence in financial services as well. Did you also know that in Belgium nearly 3 million clients put their trust in us at all crucial moments in their lives? No matter what happens, we are always here for them, today and tomorrow! That is why we constantly reinvent ourselves and thus our Way of Working focuses on welfare, diversity and inclusion. And on your talents, on your experience. Discover what we mean.

Want to discover our programs?

Want to learn more about the specific programs we have at AXA for young people looking to glow up their careers? Check our homepage to find the program that best fits you.

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